Thursday, August 5, 2010

Be Careful...That's an Heirloom

One of Andrew's (many) obsessions as of late is to make a hat in which to store stuff. You know, like food. And bandaids. Because you never know when you might scrape your knee and need a snack. Away from home. While wearing a 2 1/2 -foot-high cardboard hat. It's just best to be prepared.

Of course, whatever Andrew does, Adam must also. So today we picked up some posterboard, spent some time making plans, and went to work making hats.

At one point, (oh, I just love the earnestness of Andrew) Andrew told me that one day when he is a daddy, he will give the hat to his first son, and that son will give it to his son, and so on.

So I felt it important to document the origin of an heirloom.

Look, kids, here's your great-great grandfather wearing The Hat of Many Wonders long, long ago

Great-great-great Uncle Adam wearing his hat. Sadly, the hat (much like most of Uncle Adam's other possessions) did not survive into future generations. It was mysteriously destroyed in a freak accident known in family history only as "the ceiling fan incident, part one."

Great-great-great Aunt Libby insisted on having her picture taken as well. Her "hat" is probably the only *actual* heirloom in this whole post.

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  1. Love the hat, Andrew! I'm sure your great, great grandchildren will love it, too! :-)