Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

The kids and Steve engineered yet another great Mother's Day for 2012.  The kids had all been working on little gifts at school during the week.  Adam just couldn't keep his little handprinted tile to himself and gave it to me on Wednesday, but Andrew and Libby managed to wait until the big day to give me a potted petunia and heart-shaped birdseed bird feeder.

Of course, Mother's Day couldn't pass without the kids making their annual trip to the grocery store to decorate a beautiful cake for Mom!

Here is the masterpiece:

As always, the kids were so excited to show me their handiwork.

As always, I was amazed!

If you look carefully, you will see a certain little stinker trying to give me bunny ears for Mother's Day.

I believe the day came to a perfect end during dinner (a dinner that I did not cook) at Salsarita's.  You may know that Libby is on a mission to christen every potty in the tri-county area, which means I have spent the last two years in potty purgatory.  We don't go anywhere without a visit (or two or three or four) to the "oval office."  So tonight, when Libby made her inevitable announcement in the middle of dinner, Steve took doody duty.  And that, folks, was the best Mother's Day present I could really ask for.