Monday, April 23, 2012

Adam, In a Nutshell

Note from Adam's kindergarten teacher in today's agenda:

...just when I thought I'd stopped being surprised by this guy.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

In Which We Race from Baseball to Tee Ball to Ballet

Today was a pretty crazy Saturday. We had an 8:00 am baseball game followed by a 10:00 am tee ball game followed by a 2:00 pm ballet recital.

Andrew's baseball game was first.  (These are actually pictures from last week's game.)  The team did a great job and won the game!

Up next was Adam's tee ball game.  Adam's in the blue jersey.

As you can see, we take our tee ball very seriously.

Very, very seriously.

Finally it was ballet recital time.  The cuteness was out of control.

Here is a little video clip of the adorability.  For your own sanity, I would suggest you watch with the sound muted.  (Why anyone would allow an alternately moaning and screaming toddler to stay in an auditorium during any kind of stage event and completely ruin everyone's experience and videos is beyond me.  Not that I'm bitter.)


All in all, a busy but fun Saturday!

Monday, April 16, 2012

What a Character

Andrew's school is known for its focus on eight character traits:  responsibility, initiative, compassion, adaptability, trustworthiness, respect, optimism, and perseverance.  Each month they highlight one trait.  Every class elects a child who best exemplifies that trait, and they hold a school-wide assembly to honor those students.  It's really fun!  It's all a big secret, and the winners don't know they've won until their names are announced at the assembly.

Last week we got a phone call telling us that Andrew had won the award in his classroom for trustworthiness.  We were to keep it a secret from Andrew and show up to surprise him at the assembly on Friday.  The timing couldn't have been better:  Poppa and Gangee were in town and were able to come as well.

The school has had to become very sneaky about keeping the parents hidden before the ceremony begins because the kids are NOSY.  We were all hidden in a back hallway behind a curtain until our children's names were called.

Andrew high-fiving his classmates after his name was called

This is where it got fun...they played the theme from "Rocky," put a "medal" around the kids' necks, gave them a fake torch, and put them up on a pedestal while everyone cheered.  Let me just say they did it up big.  So there I was, all choked up with happiness for Andrew and fighting hysterical laughter all at the same time.  Most of the kids really hammed it up when their names were called, but there were a couple who were overcome with emotion and crying.  Sweet little things.

It's too bad Andrew is so shy...

The "champ" and his proud family

We are so thankful for our little Andrew the Trustworthy and for a fabulous school that encourages and recognizes children in the pursuit of worthy character traits.

Sunday, April 8, 2012


Easter 2012 began with plans for a sting operation: object, to catch the Easter bunny on video.  Andrew and Adam spent much time Saturday evening debating how best to position their DS video cameras to catch the bunny in action. Also, they had a couple questions for EB:

Adam's question:  How do you get in our house?  Write how below.
 Andrew's question:  Easter Bunny, are you white with purple polka-dots? Check yes or no. Please sign here.

Lacking that crucial opposable thumb, the bunny was unable to sign his name or check boxes.  But he did leave some prints!

Sunday morning found the boys (and Libby!) downstairs eagerly reviewing their video traps. They were so excited that the videos actually almost caught the Easter Bunny. They heard the bunny open the front door and hop down the hallway...and then he must have seen the cameras because he turned them off before we got a glimpse of him! That Easter Bunny is a wily one, that's for sure.

Checking the video

Off to church!

After church we headed over to Grandma Betsy and Poppa Keith's house for our annual family Easter lunch. Aunt Whitney, Aunt Gwen, and Uncle Chris were there to join in the fun and help with the egg hunt.

The egg hunt begins!

Libby and Uncle Chris on the hunt