Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back to School

Last year Andrew got accepted at a new school.  Unfortunately Adam's number didn't get called in last year's lottery, so he went to a different school.  Meanwhile, Libby went to preschool (yet another school to drive to!)  Last year was an interesting one.  I was pretty tired by May.

This year, Adam got into Andrew's school!  *Relief.*  He is so excited to be going to the same school as his big brother.  One of my (many) favorite things about the boys' new school?  It's year-round.  That means the boys' first day of school was August 1!  I won't lie.  We were all ready for school to start. 

This year Andrew looks considerably happier in his "first morning back to school" picture, doesn't he?  And Adam, bless him, is just always so happy to be included in whatever Andrew's doing.

first day of school:  1st and 3rd grade

Meanwhile, little sister doesn't go back to preschool till after Labor Day.  So Libby and I have the whole month of August together.  I've been trying to make it special for her.  We've had lots of "Girls' Days" (translation:  I take her with me on errands and take her out to lunch and talk it up big).  She has seemed pretty excited about them...until this morning.  After we dropped the boys off at school, she said, "Mom?  Could we not have a Girls' Day today?  I'm tired of them.  I just want to color." 

Well.  Allrighty, then.