Sunday, December 25, 2011

Of Course It's Still Christmas -- Just Look at the Post Date!

Yes, I know there are other moms out there who don't get around to writing Christmas blog entries until February.  Slackers.  Good thing that's not me! Heh, heh, heh.  See?  I am writing this on December 25, 2011.  As soon as the Christmas festivities were over, I lost all focus, got waaaaaay behind in the laundry, and spent far too much time crocheting and messing around with my new Kindle Fire for two months ran right to the computer to document Christmas 2011.

Funny, though, Christmas was such an exciting time that my brain got a little fuzzy and I don't even remember all of it that clearly...almost as if it happened months ago.  Oh, well, here's what happened back in December over the past few days:

Opening Christmas pajamas the night before Christmas

Sprinkling reindeer food on the front lawn

All cleaned up and jamified!

Reading A Visit from Saint Nicholas

Silly Mommy left all the nice Christmas cookies at Grandma Betsy & Poppa Keith's house.  Good thing our traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Chinese takeout came with some fortune cookies!

Santa did not seem to mind...

Christmas morning finally arrived!

After all the fun at our place, we headed over to the granparents' for some big family fun.  That's a post for another day...say, December 26?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Adam the Six-Year-Old

Adam, you are six now.  Your dad and I cannot believe what a year of unbelievable change this has been for you.  You have come into your own in so many ways, and you make us laugh with your funny little mannerisms and sayings.  You are growing so fast that Andrew is getting nervous.  You are learning to read.  You can make the  /l/ sound (when you want to -- we still have to remind you to do it!) (And I have to admit that I will miss you calling your wittle sister Wibby even though I know we couldn't have wet you go through wife wike that.)  You have all sorts of quirky little interests that absolutely delight me and choke me up all at once.  So, before I tell you "Happy Birthday," I want to capture in print the things that captivate you right now as you turn six:
  • Goons
  • Wallets
  • Rednose the Reindeer
  • State and World Flags
  • Clubs
  • Cutting the Cheese (sigh)
  • All Things Chocolate
  • Legos
  • Anything Andrew's Doing
  • Cleaning Your Room Very Late at Night After Your Father and I Thought You Long Asleep
  • Making Lists (I Wonder Where You Get That)
Happy, happy birthday to our precious wittle little Adam.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jophes and the "Wise" Man

This morning was the annual children's Christmas program at our church.  Every year the kids dress up as characters from the Nativity and sing Christmas songs.  This year Andrew was excited to have been cast in the role of "Jophes."  (For some reason none of the children in this home can say "Joseph."  They all say "Jophes."  We try over and over to get them to say it correctly until we are ready to pull out our hair just go with it.)

Adam was originally supposed to be a shepherd.  However, this morning they came up one wise man short, so the honor fell to Adam.

He got to wear an awesome crown.

Which proved a little tricky.

Here they are:  Jophes, Mary, and the "Wise" Man.

Unfortunately this morning Libby woke up covered in an alarming-looking rash, so we ended up at the pediatrician's and had to miss church.  So sad.  But L's rash turned out to be crazy hives brought on by the double ear infection we had no idea she had.  Her consolation prize for missing the Christmas program was winning the morning record for diagnoses circled on her checkout sheet at the doctor's, according to the receptionist who checked us out.  Score!  Wait a minute...

Happy Birthday, Quacky!

Dear Andrew (or should we say, “Quacky”?),

Eight years ago we were so very eager to meet our new baby.  We didn’t know if you would be a boy or a girl, so there was a lot of suspense!  Finally, on a dark November night, you were born…and we had a little boy!  Our Andrew.
But before very many days at all had passed, you had another name!  You see, during the months we were waiting for you to arrive, our family and friends brought us many baby gifts.  Since they didn’t know whether our baby would wear blue or pink, they brought yellow --  lots of yellow – so either a baby boy or a baby girl could wear it.  And do you know what cute baby animals are yellow?  Yep.  Ducks.  So pretty much all the sweet little baby clothes that were waiting for you had ducks on them.

One of the little outfits was a white terrycloth pair of pajamas with a (yes, you guessed it!) DUCK on it.  Underneath the duck were written the words “Quack Quack.”  Original, right?
May we mention another thing here?  You cried.  A lot.  For about six weeks solid. 

So, anyway, when Mom would dress you or change you or play with you, you would cry (because that’s sort of all you did for a while there!)  And you would be wearing your little “Quack Quack” outfit, and Mom would say, “Oh, quack, quack, quack, is my little Quacky quacking?” 
Moms say silly things sometimes when they have new babies.

Pretty soon Mom was calling you “Quacky” as much as she called you “Andrew”!  And that’s how you got your nickname.
So, fast forward eight years.  The good news?  You stopped all the crying.  The bad news?  You won’t let us buy you clothes with ducks on them anymore.

We still can’t believe how that tiny little baby we brought home eight years ago has grown and changed.  We are so proud of all that you are and all that you are becoming.  You are your dad’s best buddy.  You are your mom’s heart.  You are your little brother’s hero (even if he doesn’t realize it yet).  You are your little sister’s prince (because, you know, she thinks all the princes are the princesses’ brothers). You are funny and bright and full of promise. We are excited to see what God has in store for your life.
But no matter how big you get or where you go in life, remember this, Andrew:  You will always be our little Quacky.

Mom and Dad

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What Andrew's Been Reading Lately (Or, Why I Almost Had a Heart Attack When I Looked on His Nightstand)

What I saw at first glance:

After experiencing some initial shortness of breath, I thought, "Wait.  This is Andrew," and moved the noisemaker to reveal:

...A very poorly titled page about red-footed boobies (birds!) in National Geographic Kids magazine.  Some editor clearly didn't think this through.

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Wallet

One of Steve's old wallets has been flying around here for the longest time.  He gave it to the boys to play with forever ago, and it just got absorbed into the toy jungle and forgotten.

Until recently.

Adam re-discovered the wallet last week and claimed it as his own.  Since then he has carried it with him everywhere and has made sure that it contains all the things a wallet should.

You know, like an expired Kohl's discount card.

And a card he made me write "rednose reindeer" on. (He would not let me write "rednosed" with a "d."  It had to be "rednose.")

A picture of the Mario Bros.

And, of course, an identification card.  Adam was very sad that he didn't have a Ranger Rick membership card like his big brother Andrew.  So Steve made him a (laminated!) Avengers ID card for his wallet.  And Adam could not be happier.

My favorite story about the wallet?  Steve took the kids Christmas shopping for me the other night.  Apparently when they all got to the checkout counter, Adam very solemnly whipped out his wallet, pulled the "Rednose Reindeer" card out, and tried to pay for my gifts with it.

Turns out that a "Rednose Reindeer" card is not accepted as currency at that particular establishment.  That's OK.  They just don't know its real worth.