Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Libby the 5-Year-Old

Happy 5th Birthday, Libby!  While we are in the middle of the craziness of packing up our current house and preparing to move to our new house, we still wanted you to have a special birthday. 

Our day began with presents at breakfast, including some new earrings from Poppa and Gangee because...you got your ears pierced today!  After breakfast, we trundled off to the pediatrician's office for your 5-year-old checkup and ear piercing.  You were a champ.  (A tall champ...still 96th percentile for height!)  You didn't even flinch when the doctors pierced your ears.  But I think you used everything you had keeping it together for the ear piercing because when the nurse came in to give you your immunizations, you lost it.  Poor little thing.

Your BFF Gracie was waiting for you in the doctor's office parking lot for a special girls' day out.  That helped to dry your tears pretty quickly!  After comparing your matching earrings, the two of you had lunch and playtime at Chick Fil A.  Our next stop was a little boutique that does manicures and pedicures for little girls, but they messed up your appointment time and had to reschedule for another day.  Bummer!  So we improvised with a quick stop for Icees and an afternoon playdate at our house.

Libby and Gracie at lunch

I had the sweetest little "spa day" birthday party plan in my head before we began this moving process.  Unfortunately it had to be shelved until next year if your mama wanted to keep her sanity.  So we just had a few friends over for cupcakes and playtime in our back yard.  Aunt Gwen and Uncle Chris even made a surprise visit and had fun laughing when you showed them your new "diarrhea" (your word for the new diary one of your little friends gave you as a gift).

Waiting for your friends to arrive

Happy, happy birthday to our lovely 5-year-old girl!