Monday, May 23, 2011

The Graduate

Tonight was Adam's preschool graduation. It was a rip-roarin', rootin' tootin' time. All the graduates came racing down the aisle of the church one at a time on hobby horses. Adam led the charge, grinning ear to ear the entire time. If only I had known it was coming, I would've gotten a picture. Because it. was. awesome. Talk about Adam in his element!

Here is our little graduate with his Bible and "diploma"

And here he is with a classmate leading the Lord's Prayer

Adam and his wonderful teachers, Miss Ginger and Miss Libby. What sweet ladies who love these kids!

The whole family attended the graduation program, which was another milestone for us and further evidence that the kids are growing up -- everyone is old enough to go to a 6:30 program without a horrible 7:00 meltdown! That's not to say we didn't hightail it out of there at 7:30 with an increasingly cranky Libby...but it's progress!

Here they are: our two preschool graduates and our little "underclassman"

Watch out, kindergarten! Here comes Adam!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Holidays

Warning: This post is in extremely random order because that's just the way the pictures uploaded.

We had a great Easter this year! After opening Easter baskets and going to church, we headed to Beppie and Poppa Keith's for a fun day which included an egg hunt, a low country boil, and numerous games of "Cornhole." (For our Northern friends, that's the game commonly known in your parts as "Bean Bag Toss.")

Playing Cornhole

Egg Hunt

It does exist! The rare "fully smiling Libby" caught on camera!

Aunt Gwen with another "fully smiling Libby"

Libby with **soon to be "Uncle"!!!** Chris

The whole family on Easter morning. Libby takes her job as the family bodyguard quite seriously.

Our sweet babies

Some of you have been wondering if the Easter bunny followed instructions. He did not disappoint.

Today was Mother's Day. Steve took the kids to our local grocery store for what has become the annual tradition of decorating a cake for Mom. This year Libby was able to help!

All so serious!

OK, really. This picture with that look on Adam's face is the best Mother's Day present I could ask for!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Face

It's changing...

Andrew lost another tooth today...