Friday, May 1, 2009

Pigtails and Pulling Up

This is not going to be a "Libby Only" post; I just liked the alliteration in the title. Pigtails and Pulling Up...Pirates and Petunias...I'm particularly partial to P's. Somebody stop me. No, really. Anyhoo, we've had an eventful couple of weeks around here. (Read: too busy to post.) Here are some of the highlights of the good stuff:

PIGTAILS! Need I say more?

Pulling Up! While I don't wish away one minute of Libby's babyhood, anything that brings her a step closer to transporting herself and removes the crippling effect of me doing it is certainly welcome. Plus, she's so cute and proud of herself.

I just can't think of a "P" caption. But here is Adam scooting around.

The apple truly doesn't fall far. It was a gorgeous day. The backyard was full of little boys playing and a rocking playset built by Dad. But someone who shall remain nameless did not want any part of it and had to be forced outside to get some Vitamin D. What can I say? He's mine, and I am the original "indoor gal."


  1. I love the picture of Andrew reading in the backyard! That's great! :-)

    Libby's pigtails are too cute! Her hair is growing FAST! And yay for her pulling up! :-)

  2. How about "Pushing off to play" for Adam and "Perusing and pondering" for Andrew. Alliteration is my favorite, too!