Sunday, May 17, 2009

How You Know It Was a Good Party

1. When one of the guests fell asleep on the way home like this:

2. When it was thrown by Grandma.

3. When one of the gifts was a fairy wand.

4. When there was good food.

5. When the guest of honor wore a tiara and practiced her pageant wave.

6. When there were new toys.

7. When no one cared if you ate your princess shoes.

Libby's almost 1! We celebrated early today with Grandma Betsy, Poppa Keith, and the aunts since we'll be at the beach for her real birthday. Thanks for the great party, Grandma and Poppa!


  1. Almost one already?! Where does the time go? What a pretty princess she is! :-)

  2. Glad you all had fun -- and love that picture of Adam sleeping! Great list.

    When do you go to the beach? I'm jealous! :)