Monday, December 20, 2010


Adam, you are five today! This day has been a long time coming; but one preschool party, one "friend" party, two early Christmas celebrations, four cake mixes, and a lot of presents later, today's the day!

At your checkup at the pediatrician's today, we got some questions answered. Namely, is it really possible that we have been watching you grow taller from one night to the next morning? And how on earth can one little person outgrow so many pairs of pants at the rate you've been outgrowing them? Apparently you've grown three inches since your checkup last year. Questions answered.

You had a very small party this year. Neighbors Josh and Caleb and church buddy Aedan came over for a night of pizza, cake, and Batman movies. Gangee helped make the party special with all the decorations.

Cake topper thanks to Gangee! Yellow icing thanks to Mom, who, midway through the arduous process of coloring white frosting bright yellow, realized she could have just bought already-yellow lemon icing.

You and your buddies enjoying pizza during "intermission."

Bat pizza! Thankfully you and your little friends have great imaginations. I tried.

Gearing up for the party with Gangee's cool decorations!

And now I have a secret confession to share with you (and any of the millions of people on the world wide web who stumble upon this). My favorite part of your birthday was being with you today at the pediatrician's when you got your shots. Remember? You were screaming and crying and so very upset and I was frantically promising you donuts and Sprite? Good times. No, seriously. After the shots, you snuggled up on my lap in the exam room and just let me hold you for a while. That doesn't happen so often anymore. And you are five now. I don't anticipate being able to cuddle you on my lap for much longer -- especially at the rate you're growing. So, while I am sorry for your tears and sadness, I admit that I relished those moments trying to comfort your sobbing little self.

Fortunately you recovered pretty quickly from your traumatic experience at the doctor's. Some presents helped. (See below.)

Five. I just can't believe it. My funny little baby with the mischievous twinkle in his eye is five. Happy birthday, little big boy.

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