Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Efficient Baby Strikes Again

Preschool day for Adam. He gets in the car at pickup time and proudly shows me his "prize" from his teacher: a fun-size Nestle Crunch bar. For a boy who loves chocolate the way Adam does, this is a prize indeed. He tells Grandma Betsy all about his "precious" (insert Gollum voice here) on the phone. He begs me to eat it then and there. Upon being told that he can have it for a treat after dinner, he pleads with me to make dinner then and the car. Finally he accepts the decree that gratification will be delayed, puts the chocolate bar in a place of honor on the kitchen table, and settles in for the wait, telling anyone who will listen all about his prize in the meantime. He is positively chortling in anticipation.

4:00 pm. Enter Efficient Baby. Popping a square of suspiciously Nestle Crunch-y looking chocolate in her mouth, she walks into the dining room and efficiently hands me this:

And shows me this -- some chocolate stains that she will need to work on ASAP:

I quickly discard the empty wrapper (after snapping a quick picture, of course), wipe down EB's incriminating chocolatey mouth, and call Daddy (already on his way home) for an emergency replacement. Thank goodness for cell phones and corner grocery stores. Within minutes of "the incident," the candy bar is replaced, and Adam is none the wiser. Disaster averted.

Mommy is learning to be efficient, too.


  1. Ironic....Molly actually came up the stairs just last night with two unwrapped candy bars (that my mom had bought from a friend's grandson) and said, "Look, Mommy! Nana make these for me!" We've gotta be careful when we get these two together! :-)

    PS--Does Libby ALWAYS look like she just stepped out of Baby Gap add?

  2. A girl after my own heart! If only she had eaten Reese's Piece's...then you could call her Effeciency Toddler and would have a true "E.T." on your hands! :-) Glad your crisis was averted.