Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cooking for Troglodytes

I don't like to cook. No secret there. Strangely, though, I like to feed people, especially my family. I want to give them wonderful meals, but I don't actually really want to make them. It's like my hospitality gene only got half-baked. However, thanks to my now-indispensable cooking group, our family does have some seriously fabulous dinners on a regular basis. On the menu at our house this week have been such yummies as white turkey chili, garlic white lasagna, and even a hand-crafted-by-Alison-live-at-dinnertime saucy stir-fried pork. Stand back, Susie Homemaker.

Andrew's response? Tears and gagging.

Adam's response? "When are we going to have something good for dinner?" By which he means Kraft Mac n Cheese, Totino's pizza, and canned mandarin oranges.


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  1. Sounds like my house (minus the cooking group meals). Davis' new line is "It's not my favorite"... well of course not, it's not cookies, candy, or pop tarts....