Friday, March 22, 2013

The Passover According to Adam

We've been recording the History Channel's miniseries "The Bible" for the past several weeks but haven't been able to watch any of it yet.  Tonight was the first Friday evening in some time that we've all been home, so we ordered pizza and gathered together to watch the first installment.  It seems really well done so far!  (Although I was surprised by God's rather high-pitched voice...I always imagined Him as a bass.  Casting.) 

I was especially delighted that the kids really knew what was going on and who was who.  There was plenty of action for the boys, and they were glued to the 2-hour episode the whole time.  And good old Adam Nichols, it turns out, is something of a secret Bible scholar.  Who knew this kid knew so much?  Or so I thought until the portrayal of the Passover in Egypt, when Adam wanted to know  "When are the people gonna paint the llama blood on their doors so their kids don't die?"

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