Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Conversations With a Four-Year-Old

Libby:  When are we going to give Cooper back?

Me:  Well, never...he's our dog.  We're not going to give him back to anyone.

Libby:  You mean we get to keep him till he's dead?


Libby and I are hanging out on the couch together.  She is "knitting," which means she has two knitting needles and is making a giant knotted mess out of a skein of yarn.

Me:  Libby, I have to go get the boys from school now.  Daddy's here if you need anything.

Libby:  May I please continue knitting?


We have just finished our dinnertime Bible reading about Abram and Sarai going down into Egypt to escape the famine in Canaan.

Me:  Does anyone know what a famine is?

Andrew:  Yes, it's when there's no food.

Me:  So Abram and Sarai were going down to Egypt to find food.

Libby:  What?  Why would they go there?  There's no food in Egypt!  There's just sand.  And the "Stynx's" missing nose.

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