Sunday, December 18, 2011

Jophes and the "Wise" Man

This morning was the annual children's Christmas program at our church.  Every year the kids dress up as characters from the Nativity and sing Christmas songs.  This year Andrew was excited to have been cast in the role of "Jophes."  (For some reason none of the children in this home can say "Joseph."  They all say "Jophes."  We try over and over to get them to say it correctly until we are ready to pull out our hair just go with it.)

Adam was originally supposed to be a shepherd.  However, this morning they came up one wise man short, so the honor fell to Adam.

He got to wear an awesome crown.

Which proved a little tricky.

Here they are:  Jophes, Mary, and the "Wise" Man.

Unfortunately this morning Libby woke up covered in an alarming-looking rash, so we ended up at the pediatrician's and had to miss church.  So sad.  But L's rash turned out to be crazy hives brought on by the double ear infection we had no idea she had.  Her consolation prize for missing the Christmas program was winning the morning record for diagnoses circled on her checkout sheet at the doctor's, according to the receptionist who checked us out.  Score!  Wait a minute...

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  1. Poor Libby! Well, at least you know what it is and hopefully she'll be all better by Christmas!

    I'm impressed that Steve got such good pictures for you! :-)