Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

Miss Libby is definitely mine. She happily hangs out, content to stay in one place and watch all that's going on around her. Occasionally she takes a little "roll" out of the room to see what's happening in the bathroom, but she has found no reason to get serious about crawling or moving on to any of the next developmental levels. While I have not been in a hurry to have her on the move (hello...I am Adam's I really need to be pulling more kids off the chandeliers?), it was actually getting a little worrisome that she wasn't showing any interest in finding a more appropriate way to get from Point A to Point B than rolling.

Apparently all she needed was for me to leave town for a little bit. While I was at our church's women's retreat over the weekend, Libby started army crawling! It's awkward and slow, but she's definitely scooching herself forward bit by bit. And she didn't stop there. She now pushes herself up into a sitting position, claps her hands (and is oh-so pleased with herself), and "talks" up a storm. She's even named the little lamb toy on her changing table "Ba-ba." Really! She came up with it on her own and says it every time she sees it. It's so funny that it all happened practically overnight. It seems each day she shows us a new trick. What a joy it is all over again to watch each new little one of ours blossom.

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