Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spring Break

We are not really Spring Break-ers.  Since we live in the beautiful Carolinas, it doesn't really seem necessary to go someplace warm for Spring Break when we can just stay home, sleep in every morning, and enjoy our own lovely climate.

(Except for this year.  Warm, sunny Florida or someplace Caribbean would have been nice this year.  Seriously, on Thursday it was 41 degrees.  And raining.  I was wearing a sweater and a winter coat and carrying an umbrella.  In April.  In North Carolina.  Just wrong.)

So, we just had a relaxed little stay-cation.  We spent the first couple days just sleeping in and lazing around with no real schedule.  It was cold, but at least it was sunny enough for all the neighbor kids to play together outside. 

On Wednesday, one of the neighbor moms and I got temporary insanity brave and took 2 vanloads of kids to the movies.  Speaking of which, I have a quick message for my babies: 

Dear Children of Mine,

One day one or more of you might accuse me of not loving you.  You might be sleepy and irrational, you might be experiencing teenage sullenness or angst, or you might just disagree with one of my parenting decisions and come to the conclusion that I don't really love you.  If that day ever comes, please remember this:  I took you to the movies and sat with you through the awfulness that is "The Rise of the Guardians" not once but twice.  Twice

(Also, to the child whose chocolate Cadbury egg I stole appropriated, remember:  "The Rise of the Guardians."  Twice.)

Love, Mom

Thursday, as I mentioned, was cold and rainy.  It was a great evening for a pizza party with the neighbors!

Nothing crazy about this.

On Friday morning we headed to Discovery Place.  We have never taken the kids there.  It was, honestly, not my thing, being all full of science and half-crazed, spring-break-glazed children.  But Andrew and Libby loved it.  Adam would have loved it, but his stomach started hurting when we got there.  Poor little guy.

One fun thing about Discovery Place?  As soon as we walked in the door, we ran into our cousins Grace and Ryan!

We saw a 3D movie about lions in Africa.

Keeping a ball suspended in air...with air.

Lying on a bed of nails! 

 Sitting in the "air chair."


A really cool rope tunnel!

 Andrew with a stick sculpture.

Libby made one just like it!

After a fun day at Discovery Place, lunch at Fuel Pizza...for everyone but Adam, who said his stomach hurt.

...And then we all piled in the car and started driving home and Adam threw up in the back seat and Spring Break was over just. like. that.

The End.

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  1. Well, at least you got some fun in before Spring Break came to an abrupt end. ;-)