Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter began with the boys' standard: setting up a Bunny Sting.  Although they carefully aimed video recorders at the doors in hopes of catching the Easter Bunny at work, EB slipped through their snare once again!  We're not sure how he managed to enter our house.  In fact, at first we weren't even sure he did because there were no Easter baskets...just a note telling everyone to wait for further instructions. Well, that was certainly a mystery! 

We didn't have to wait long at all before the Easter Bunny sent me a text message...and then the hunt was on!  EB sent the kids all over the house on a really fun scavenger hunt to find their baskets.  After several clues, Libby discovered hers in "the room of blue/ where you're sent when your smell makes people say PEEEEE-YEW!"  There was her basket, right in the shower.  Adam was then instructed "don't walk, you must run/ this is where your mom keeps your Capri Suns" and found his basket in the garage fridge.  Finally Andrew followed the clue "this makes blankets so clean and warm/ it's the final stop on this Easter morn" to discover his basket in the dryer.  That Easter Bunny was certainly one busy fellow!

After unrestrictedly gorging themselves on sugar because hey it's Easter and kids should have days like that once or twice a year a few pieces of candy, we headed off to church.  First we took a few Easter snapshots of the kids.  The boys put their crazy on:

Adam was ticked off about the way his shirt sleeves were designed to roll up.

Libby was mad that she didn't have any pockets to put her hands in for the picture like the boys. 

Andrew had no complaints about his getup.

Once church was over, we hopped into the car to head to Poppa Keith and Grandma Betsy's.  The highlight of the day was seeing Baby Claire! 

Wait, it was the Easter baskets from the grandparents! 

No, wait, it was the egg hunt! (Notice Libby's awesome new yellow "flip-floppers."  They were in her Easter basket from Grandma Betsy and Poppa Keith, and they are her pride and joy.)

Well, at any rate, the day was full of fun highlights for the kids.

But then it was time for the parents to have a little fun...

Once we got home and put the kids to bed, Steve and I realized the next day was April Fool's Day.  So we decided to play a little prank on the kids.  We made sure the kids were sound asleep.  Then we put Libby in Adam's bed... 

and Andrew in Libby's bed... 

and Adam in Andrew's bed. 

(Oh, and we drew mustaches on all of them for good measure.)

It was fun for the kids to wake up on April Fool's Day and wonder why on earth they found themselves where they did not go to sleep, and it was even more fun for Andrew (who realized he had mustache art on his face right away) to point out Adam's and Libby's mustaches.

Happy Easter to all!

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  1. Love Libby's yellow flipper floppers!

    And that was the greatest April Fool's Day joke ever! The mustaches were awesome!