Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In Which Having Mommy Brain Finally Pays Off

Yesterday was my 38th birthday.  Had you asked me a few years ago what I thought about turning 38, I probably would have said that it would make me feel really, really old. 

About 9 years ago I developed a complication of pregnancy called "Mommy Brain."  Unfortunately this was not one of the pregnancy complications that is cured with delivery.  In fact, it became even more...complicated with the birth of my first child.  Over the next several years, my scathing case of Mommy Brain was compounded with the pregnancies and births of children numbers 2 and 3 to the point that it is truly miraculous that I can even make microwave pancakes without involving the fire department...oh, wait.  I can't. 

During the past 9 years, Mommy Brain has been responsible for me pouring glasses of orange juice, putting the OJ container in the cupboard, putting the full glass of juice in the refrigerator, and walking away and completely forgetting that I ever wanted orange juice in the first place.  I've left my keys in the freezer on more than one occasion.  And how could I forget the time I bought 4 gallons of milk at 10:00 am on a hot summer's day, loaded it all in the back of my minivan, and promptly forgot all about it until dinnertime?  Don't even get me started on remembering the kids' names:  MB either causes me to draw a complete blank or mockingly supplies the wrong name every other time I look at one of my babies and open my mouth to speak.

But, finally, for once, Mommy Brain did me a kindness.  I can't remember what prompted this, but a couple months ago I did some math --  2012 minus 1974 -- and realized that in September 2012 I would be celebrating my 38th birthday.  Here's the thing:  thanks to Mommy Brain, from sometime in late 2011 and throughout most of 2012, I already thought I was 38 years old!

Mommy Brain gave me a whole extra year.  I don't even care that I never got to be 37.

So yesterday, I got to celebrate being 38...again!  I don't feel any older at all.  In fact, I like 38 so well I might just celebrate it for a few more birthdays.


  1. As usual, you crack me up. Congrats on having an additional year -- especially at a time when 40 should be looming ever closer!

  2. Mommy Brain plagues us all! But so glad that you are enjoying 38! Maybe I'll join you in celebrating 38 a few more times. Not sure I'm ready for what comes after 38.... Hope you had a fabulous birthday, whatever age you are!

  3. Haha! Love it! Well...happy 38ish birthday! :-)