Saturday, September 1, 2012

Charlotte's Web Dinner

Oh, it has been far too long since we've done a book theme dinner!  But now we have another little reader in the family and new opportunities to watch movies while eating hot dogs wrapped in dough in the name of  "education." 
Adam and Steve finished Charlotte's Web on Thursday, so Friday was our big night.  None of us had seen the live-action version of the movie, and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.  Except for the closeups of the creepy CGI'd furry spider (Charlotte).  Spiders should not have big, expressive, Julia Roberts-like eyes under any circumstances.  *shudder*  *willies*
About the dinner...I can't say it was particularly healthy...
 Pigs in Blankets and Pig-Tail Fries

My favorite part -- ketchup for dipping!

Farm-Fresh (or frozen Mrs. Smith's perhaps?) Apple Pie

...all accompanied by County Fair Lemonade.  I admit, there was not a vegetable to be found.  Please do not alert the authorities.

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  1. Very cute and creative! These theme dinners are the best!
    And just tell your kids what the mom on "The Middle" tells hers: the ketchup counts as the vegetable so they should extra. :)