Saturday, April 30, 2011

Play Ball!

It's spring...time for team sports! Adam is playing soccer again, but this year Andrew decided he wanted to try baseball. Although the season is already a month old, it feels as if we're still just getting started. Games are only once a week; and with rain cancellations, sickness, and holiday breaks, today was only Andrew's third game and Adam's second.

Here are the boys clowning around before one of their games. (Adam may or may not be "shaking his booty like a chicken." I am too mortified to tell.)

Adam's first soccer game. He had a great time and stayed pretty focused.

Andrew listening to the coach's instructions. I love this picture.

Even Libby has a good time at the games! Here she is with a friend from church at their big brothers' soccer game.

Steve and I love the league the boys play in. It's through our "mother church," and the focus is on sportsmanship, not winning. They don't even keep score (officially...just ask the moms if you want to know the score, though!) for the younger ages. I like that the boys are learning how to be part of a team, learning how to respect and take instructions from a coach, learning skills so they know their way around a ball field, and learning that winning is fun but it isn't everything.

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