Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Two-Two's" and Tiaras

Today was Libby's birthday party! Friends Ella, Grace, Molly, and Adah came to celebrate, eat snacks, and just be generally precious.

Each of the girls had a tutu, a tiara, and a sippy cup.

And what princess would be complete without a wand?

Party preparations were so much fun. Gangee helped a lot. So did Poppa. Here he is making tutus. Yes, really. I do have the best father-in-law in the world.

Libby could hardly wait for her friends to arrive.

Finally the party was in full swing.

We had yummy food!

"Princess Dino-Gator" put her own special twist on her outfit.

Everyone was sooooooo adorable.


  1. What a darling b-day party! Love the tutus and all the pink stuff. Girls are so fun!

  2. Ella and I had SO much fun! You did an AMAZING job, Al! E had fun prancing around in her tutu for Dad and brothers when we got home. J & CJ were very excited to get their "wands" that you sent for them, however after the last bite, they immediately began sword fighting with the sticks...of course :)Thanks for a great time!!

  3. Wow -- what an impressive party! Everything was beautiful-- the food, the tutus, and the girls! You have quite a talent for themes and parties, Alison.

  4. I LOVE the picture of Libby watching for her friends to arrive! :-)

    Molly had a great time! And would you believe that she's been wearing her tiara today (you know, the one she wouldn't wear at the party!)--little stinker! :-)