Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Lost My Heart to a Cartoon Character

We just watched the movie "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs," which was hilarious. At least, the parts I got to see and hear around the shouts and mayhem of wrestling boys were hilarious. I plan to watch the movie on my own later to catch all the stuff I missed the first time.

Anyway, as I watched, I was immediately struck by the resemblance between these two guys:

Adam, age 2

Young Flint Lockwood, main character in CWACOM

Big, googly blue eyes. Crazy hedgehog hair. Earnest little expression. Sweet little muppet mouth. Propensity for blowing stuff up and causing huge commotions. The similarities are eerie.

I found myself wanting to snuggle Flint Lockwood, cartoon character, and give him lots of Eskimo kisses. Is that weird?


  1. Hey Alison... One of my older kids said that Andrew was one of their favorite campers! He listened well, played hard and was fun to be with. Thought I wold pass that on as encouragement....

  2. Love that first pic with the hedgehog hair...One day, he's going to love being compared to a cartoon character...

  3. Love those pictures of Adam! That kid is SO cute! :-)

    I want to see pictures of Libby's haircut!