Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Andrew, unbelievably, you are SEVEN.

What's going on with you now?
  • You are 48 1/2 inches tall.
  • You weigh 54 pounds.
  • You are in first grade.
  • You are a voracious reader.
  • You think anything involving underpants (oh, most especially wedgies) is the funniest thing, EVER.
  • Your favorite thing to do outdoors is to ride your bike.
  • You love to burp. At least you say "Excuse me" pretty automatically now.
  • Your favorite meal (as requested for your birthday dinner) is spaghetti, fruit cocktail, root beer, and cupcakes. (I will not open my mouth about some of the components of this meal because it is your birthday.)
  • You have been wanting me to spike up your hair with gel in the front when I comb it. Your earnestness about this makes me giggle to myself.
  • You love building with Legos but have recently branched into K'nex.
  • You are so excited that we have started weekly game night -- just you, Mom, and Dad. You are freakishly good at Rack-O. Dad and I can't seem to beat you!
  • You are adorably kind to your baby sister.
  • You continue in your twisted "You're my best friend/I can't stand the sight of you" relationship with your brother. (I think it'll work out OK in the end.) (Maybe with some therapy.) (I'm just saying.)
  • Your daddy is your hero.
  • You make your mom so very, very happy...just by being your sweet little self.

Happy 7th Birthday, Andrew!


  1. I can't believe he's already 7 ?!?

    Happy birthday, Andrew! :-)

  2. A fantastic note about Andrew. A special game night sounds fun too!