Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Perfect Party

Adam: Mom, who am I going to have at my birthday party?

Me: Well, what friends would you like to invite?

Adam: Grandma Betsy!

Me: OK. What about some friends?

Adam: I want to invite Seth. And Josh. (both Andrew's friends)

Me: Well, what about some kids your own age?

Adam: Mom, let me pick my own guys!

Me: OK, OK!

Adam: And Caleb! What about Caleb? Yeah, that's a good idea. And, Mom? You and Dad can come, too.

Me: I'm honored.

Adam: Grandma Betsy. Josh. Seth. Dad. You. Caleb. And that's all the characters for my birthday.


  1. "That's all the characters" Very well said!!! Too funny! I love it.

  2. What a great cast of characters!

  3. I can just hear him telling you this - especially "Let me pick my own guys"! Maybe he's playing a little too much Wii?? (as if there were such a thing as too much! :-) )